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Who We Are

Powered Health is a group of companies united by common ownership and a mission to change the business of healthcare through proactive cloud-based tools and enhanced service solutions. Powered Health companies are helping hospitals and providers automate clinical and business processes that have historically been manually driven by unlocking the power of their EHR to deliver better outcomes in patient care and patient safety at a lower cost.

Advent Health Partners

Recognize a 5x productivity lift and up to an 85% success recovery rate on denied claims. Advent Health Partners revenue cycle management solutions applies CAVO™ technology and operational insight to the most complex clinical and administrative denials.


Interoptex is a results-driven IT services company focused on small to mid-sized healthcare providers and startup healthcare IT shops. Benefit from HIPAA compliant hosting environment that was developed using a set of security controls constructed from input from some of healthcare’s foremost InfoSec leaders. Revolution integration into EHRs using cloud-based integration solution that solves the headaches of integration by working with healthcare’s most common data formats and providing aggressive alerting, so when there’s a hiccup an Interoptex rep will be ready and waiting to respond.

Maize Analytics

Support privacy initiatives in your hospital by monitoring access to and usage of electronic medical records and other hospital systems with Maize Analytics’ EBAS (Explanation-Based Audting System). EBAS is a revolutionary, proven model that filters out 95% of appropriate EMR access behavior allowing security offers to focus their time and efforts where they can make the most impact.

Perception Health

Realize new care pathways in your local community with phTeam, phCoder and phCare. Perception Health’s SaaS based solutions give you increased visibility and information to increase enterprise revenue and improve your patient’s experience and quality of care.


As simple as paging. As convenient as texting. MEDarchon’s QUARC is your one secure solution for safe and efficient healthcare communications. Gain unprecedented surveillance into and control over communication performance.


Drive increased revenue, increase compliance and reduce costs by replacing outdated communication methods with fully automated and integrated strategies. Use RELATIENT to turn existing health information into timely, meaningful, outbound messaging in all categories of healthcare. Increase revenue and get paid faster with MDpay Messaging, a tool that offers patients the ability to receive e-statements and immediately make payment transactions securely on any mobile device, tablet or browser.

Vatica Health

Drive revenue growth to your practice through a simplified and automated delivery of the Medicare Annual Wellness Visit with Well365 and Well365Plus. Capture diagnostic codes and close the gaps for risk adjustment and quality measures leading to better diagnoses, improved patient satisfaction and retention while providing an enhanced quality of care.


Proactively reduce medical claim denials, protect revenue and drive a high level of care compliance with XSOLIS’ innovative technology solution that integrates clinical and financial data from disparate sources throughout the hospital. Bridge the continuum of care beginning proactively while the patient is in the hospital and retrospectively as a denial resolution and defense tool.