XSOLIS develops technology that allows hospitals to proactively reduce medical claim denials, protect revenue and drive a high level of care compliance. We help Hospitals successfully prevent and fight RAC and other commercial denials. XSOLIS’ innovative technology solution integrates clinical and financial data from disparate sources throughout the hospital and applies proprietary analytics to facilitate medical necessity and level of care decisions. Our solution bridges the continuum of care beginning proactively while the patient is in the hospital and retrospectively as a denial resolution and defense tool. XSOLIS’ SaaS based solution prompts proactive denial risk avoidance with a customizable rules engine that alerts appropriate personnel of “at risk” claims in real time. Our proprietary analytics and presentation of information is available to be used retrospectively to defend claims that are audited or denied. With XSOLIS, clinicians and hospital staff make more informed decisions efficiently and defend more claims. XSOLIS helps hospitals reduce Physician Advisory service expenses while improving patient throughput and reducing average length of stay.

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