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Proactive Solutions Across the Continuum of Care

Changing the Business of Healthcare.

Unlock the Power of an EHR to drive better outcomes.

Transform and Develop new Revenue Sources for Hospitals

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Changing the Business of Healthcare

Powered Health is addressing healthcare’s biggest problems by unlocking data in EMRs. We drive better outcomes in patient and physician engagement while transforming and developing new revenue sources for hospitals. Powered Health companies are joined together by a guiding mission to provide proactive software and service solutions across the full continuum of care. We will power a positive change in interoperability, revenue, engagement and compliance. Together we are changing the business of healthcare.

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Powered Health companies are providing proactive solutions, through patented technology, which allow highly automated solutions, keep data secure and compliance easy to accomplish.
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Powered Health companies use streamlined services and cloud-based tools to augment workflows, to increase patient throughput and to maximize in-house expertise leading to increased revenue.

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Powered Health companies use technology to unlock the data of a traditional EMR to build the foundation for improved reporting, analytics, workflow management and enhanced compliance.
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Powered Health companies secure cloud-based communication tools increase communication methods from provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient to enhance patient safety and engagement.