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Powered Health companies use technology to reduce friction across the healthcare industry for patients, providers and payers. We invite you to explore our growing portfolio of healthcare technology businesses.

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Our companies are transforming how healthcare is systemized, administered and reimbursed, which impacts people across the healthcare spectrum—providers, payers and patients. 

Advent Health

Advent Health Partner’s revenue cycle management solutions apply CAVO™ SaaS technology and operational insight to the most complex clinical and administrative denials, helping organizations recognize a 5x productivity lift and up to an 85% success recovery rate on denied claims.


ClarisHealth changes the way payment integrity systems have been organized through integrated cost containment technology and other health plan payment integrity solutions and services. ClarisHealth’s technology-enabled services help lower medical and administrative expenditures while taking advantage of the most sophisticated analytics and workflow technologies. Its comprehensive suite of SaaS-based, technology-enabled services and solutions powered by Pareo® transforms health plan operations for payers and providers.

Perception Health

Perception Health’s SaaS-based solutions provide improved visibility and information to increase enterprise revenue and enhance patient experiences and quality of care. Perception Health connects the large amount of health data that exists in particular communities to help hospitals and providers make decisions based on their area’s needs. With the data, Perception Health can build community profiles for hospitals and healthcare systems so they can better serve their patient base.


XSOLIS bridges the continuum of care beginning while the patient is in the hospital with real-time predictive analytics for case management, DRG prediction and enhanced patient care. Providers can proactively reduce medical claim denials, protect revenue and drive a high level of care compliance with an innovative SaaS technology solution that integrates clinical and financial data from disparate sources throughout the hospital.

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