Target Investments

We are looking for groundbreaking innovations that can disrupt the status quo in healthcare and tackle operational inefficiencies.

Powered Health companies employ predictive computing to address the most challenging issues confronting healthcare today: 

Patient Outcomes

We invest in companies that improve patient safety and outcomes and reduce audit risk for payers and providers with breakthroughs in compliance technologies.

Operational Inefficiencies

We seek companies that accelerate revenues, automate manual processes, and channel healthcare data into predictive intelligence.

Revenue Loss

We look for companies that help payers better serve their members and improve relationships with providers while also maximizing their revenue goals and productivity.

High Healthcare Costs

We target companies that know the business of healthcare and want to make it more efficient, helping healthcare organizations make better decisions faster and improve the bottom line.

Investing in Success

Powered Health works with entrepreneurs and companies that are pre-Series A financing. If that describes you, let’s get in touch. 

Featured Partner Companies

Relatable Healthcare

Relatable Healthcare is an enterprise platform for ASC Management Companies and IDNs to source, compare, analyze and recommend medical devices for their physicians and affiliated facilities.


PolicyCo enables teams to create and manage articles, the building blocks of organizational policies, to streamline control mapping and evidence gathering. We use technology to streamline and automate the processes around SOC2 and HITRUST audit policy management.

The Power of Partnership

“Our goal is to allow the entrepreneur to focus on great success and what’s really important to the business. Through a great partnership, we help our partners avoid a myriad of obstacles that many entrepreneurs face.” 

Jim Sohr

“We don’t use outside capital and as a result we aren’t held to artificial deadlines associated with fundraising, which allows us to be a partner for an extended length of time.”

Keith Mullins

Connect With Us

We are always looking for companies to join our network of partners. We know that the right team equates to a competitive advantage in the healthcare marketplace.

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